This site is crap because it 's practically asking me to say it is.
crap reason    good reason    not sure
People also think This site is crap because it:
is full of shit [crap good]
is filled with people like YOOOOU [crap good]
looks really boring. [crap good]
has poor grammar and things. [crap good]
serves no useful function nor is entertaining [crap good]
wasn't my idea [crap good]
won't allow me to communicate my conempt for Adam Sandler [crap good]
is addictive [crap good]
won't allow me to use plurals [crap good]
took about five minutes to write, poorly... [crap good]
's actually awesome [crap good]
isn't funny at all. [crap good]
Encourages hive-mind-like thinking [crap good]
has people bitch anonymously... [crap good]
doesn't make any sense [crap good]
is crap [crap good]
doesn't make sense [crap good]
sucks really really hard. [crap good]
makes me think of school. [crap good]
dont let you put in what you want [crap good]
dose not doing anything cool [crap good]
is useless [crap good]
is too white [crap good]
really isn't crap [crap good]
only looks at the negatives. [crap good]